KOIA - Migrated off Recharge

Engaging subscribers and fighting churn with a robust Klaviyo Integration

A bank of comprehensive subscription triggers and properties in Klaviyo allows Koia to communicate with subscribers after any and every action.

Koia is a plant-based drink company that’s revolutionizing how we get our protein. With plant-protein shakes available in craveable flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate banana, and cinnamon horchata, it’s love at first sip. With a product that most customers are consuming daily, their subscription program is a vital part of their business and growth strategy. 

Koia’s using Stay Ai’s robust Klaviyo integration as a key driver of 1) subscription growth and 2) reduction of churn. Stay Ai seamlessly equipped their account with triggers for any possible subscriber action – a trigger bank more robust than any in the subscription provider space. It includes:

Subscription Started | Subscription Canceled | Subscription Paused

Subscription Skipped | Subscription Purchased  | Order Upcoming  | Billing Attempt Failed 

Equipped with these actions, Koia began rolling out flows that fire whenever a user takes one of the actions above. For example, a subscription cancellation results in a winback email firing shortly after, pushing some more RTBs and an additional discount offer down the line to get these churners to reactivate their subscription (or a different one). They can also use dynamic subscription properties to cross-sell post cancellation with “Want to try a new flavor?” messaging.

If a user pauses their subscription for more than a predetermined number of months, Koia can send them an email giving them a friendly bump to resume receiving their protein packed goodness. For failed credit card charges, which are one of the most common subscription provider pain points, they can follow up with users, reminding them to update their payment info in order to resume their subscription. They can supplement this email with their subscription RTBs, reminding people what they’re missing out on by staying paused. They’re also able to see subscription first time order revenue attributed differently than refill revenue so they know how much of their Klaviyo revenue is real revenue rather than just ongoing subscription revenue refilling. 

In all the above ways and more, Stay Ai works seamlessly with Koia’s Klaviyo to ensure they’re maximizing subscription retention and communicating with users the right way.