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Boosting Revenue with Two-Click Subscription Add Ons

Two-click subscription add-ons helped support Aura Bora’s limited time offer strategy via a seamless customer experience, ramping subscription AOV by about 10%.

Aura Bora is one of the fastest growing companies in the food & bev space, with a diehard fan base that loves their “weird water” — sparkling water infused with herbs, flowers, and unheard-of flavor combinations like Basil Berry and Elderflower Grapefruit. A core component of the brand’s revenue strategy hinges on Limited Time Offers, or LTOs. Aura Bora launches new limited time flavors on a bimonthly basis, resulting in fervent fans flocking to buy —  and massive spikes in both hype and revenue. This LTO strategy also doubles as an invaluable market research strategy around flavor combinations.

Aura Bora’s goal is to make purchasing as easy as it can, especially for its valued subscribers. With Retextion’s two-click add-on carousel, Aura Bora allows subscribers to add a box of the newest Limited Edition Flavor to their next upcoming shipment with just two clicks, taking only seconds rather than making them go through an entirely separate, hassle-creating checkout process. This is customer experience personified. 

The ease of adding an LTO to their next order.

For their most recent LTO, Tangerine Blossom, Aura Bora sent out a special email to subscribers with a beautiful GIF illustrating how they could easily add a 12-pack to their next subscription box, along with a tokenized link taking them directly to their portal. This resulted in a large portion of the subscriber base easily adding it to their next order, boosting brand revenue and bolstering subscriber loyalty once they gave that fantastic new flavor a sip.

The graph below shows the spike resulting from one-time add ons by subscribers, an increase of close to $4 per subscriber compared to the beginning of the month.